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Marlene STEYN | Works | Bio

Born in 1989 in South Africa, where she lives and works.

2014 BA Fine Arts, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa.
2011 MA in Painting, Royal College of Art, London, UK.

Collaborative residency with Avantika Agarwal at the Shoonya Space, Centre for art and somatic practices, Bangalore, India.
The Vermont Studio Centre Fellowship, Vermont, USA.
Collaborative residency with Abraham Kritzman & Angels Miralde Tena at Odd Cultural Node & Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania.
Invited tutor in an Art Residency programme in collaboration with the RCA & British Council Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Shortlisted for Saatchi New Sensations 2014.
Painter-Stainer’s Gordon Luton Award for Fine Art.
Selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013.
Noli Procrastinaire, 3 Month public art residency.
Commission: Laingsburg Municipality – funded by the Visual Arts Network of South Africa.

2018 Galerie DYS, Belgiumussels
2017 Knot I : I Knot, Johannesburg, South Africa
Your skin is not the best hiding place, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.
You can’t cry when your head is underwater, Lychee One, London, UK.
The End is Located Underneath Her Third Armpit (if the muscle is flexed), Commune.1, Cape Town, South Africa.
Mad Love, Lychee One, London, UK.
How Cannibals Cuddle, Art Cabin, London, UK.

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London, UK.
FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Another Antipodes, Urban Axis – PS Art Space, Fremantle, Australia
Where They Hum, Lychee One, London, UK.
Cape Town Art Fair (SMAC Gallery), CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa.
Across the divide, Rosenfeld Porcini, London, UK.
Break the Spell, GUS Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Inside Out, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK.
Faces & other scenarios, two-person show with Sofi van Saltbommel, Galerie d’Ys, Brussels, Belgium.
Paper, publication, performance, Lychee One, London, UK.
New Monuments, Commune.1, Cape Town, South Africa.
Defining the Narrative, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town, South Africa.
LUSH, SMAC Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Island Adaptations III, g39, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
FNB Joburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.
His Sprinkled Blood Served to Fructify the Blood of Three Golden Apples, Collaboration with Abraham Kritzman & Angels Miralda), Atelier 35, Bucharest.
Art 15, Lychee One, London, UK.
All s-he ever wanted to be, Galleria M, Kolkata, India.
Portretteer, Oude Libertas Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa.
La Piscine, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse, France.
Scintilla: An Alchemy Show, Commune.1, Cape Town.
Saatchi New Sensations 2014, Victoria House, Bloomsbury, London, UK.
Artmagedon, West End Centre, Aldershot, UK.
Art in Home #2, site-specific project in York, facilitated by Man & Eve, London, UK.
The Luminous Language, The Assembly Rooms, London, UK.
Artists in Transit: A Group Exhibition, Imibala Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.
RCA Secret 2014, Dyson Building, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
Inoperative Mythology, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London, UK.
PNTNG NOV, Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK.
Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Spike Island, Bristol, UK.
Dreamtime: New Surrealism, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
RCA Secret 2013, Dyson Building, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
Work in Progress Show, Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
Notes to Self, Dyson Building, Royal College of Art, London, UK.

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) Permanent Collection, Cape Town, South Africa.
Royal College of Art, London, UK.
Luo Yi, Yis Foundation, London, UK


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